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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Decorations for the dessert table.

This is one area where my FMIL and I did not see eye to eye. In fact, Fi didn't 100% agree with me either, at first. But he came around!

Remember that a lot of our decorations are based in Mexican/Southwest Folk Art?

Here's a photo of one of the paper flowers we bought in Mexico (I'm making the rest).

Some other flowers we purchased. Just to get you in the feel of our decor. The flowers may be spread over the dessert table.

We bought this painting titled "husband and wife". It was like $1.50, so we'll prop this on the table. I like to think that the husband (and I guess the wife too) looks a lot like Diego Rivera.

And the grand finale...my dream cake-topper! This beautiful couple stands about 10 inches high and is made of paper mache. I couldn't be happier! My FMIL thinks it is a little grotesque to be displaying skeletons at our wedding, which I can appreciate. But I love it. I love all the Day of the Dead decorations and feel it is a nice way to remember our loved ones. Since I've lived in the SW, I've made sugar skulls and paper mache skeletons and love the idea, the celebration of Dia de Muertos. I may have a lot of explaining to do, but perhaps I can put a sign up?


Jenna said...

Yeah, there are going to be some guests who are creeped out and will never understand, but I think your location, and the theme you are going for will make the difference for you. I think it's an awesome idea!

Linda said...

I think that cake topper is perfect for your wedding. I love it.

Blablover5 said...

The flowers are really pretty and I love the Day of the Dead cake topper. Hopefully you don't have to explain it too much, as I took one look at the skeletons and knew right away "Dia day los muertos"