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Thursday, June 5, 2008

We got such a long way to go, to get to the border of Mexico

We'll ride, ride like the wind. Ride like the wind.

I have no idea if those are the correct lyrics or not and I'm too lazy to look them up! But that song has been in my head for 2 days straight. Why? We are going back to Mexico City to see our buddies M & M! I love Mexico City. Say what you will about the crime, corruption, poorest city in the world, pollution, largest city in the world...I love this city! It is beautiful (really) and lovely and I'm happy to go back. We'll get there tomorrow and it'll be a non-stop food and museum fest!

I am looking forward to our bike ride around Chapultepec Park, going back to Frida Kahlo's home (you know how some people take religious pilgrimages? I go to Frida's house and stand in her bedroom and I am full) and laughing, drinking and seeing our friends.

This officially marks the last vacation we will take as a non-married couple. That is awesome. Fi and I really travel well together. We are bound to fight once a day and we know it. So we fight, get it out of our system and then move forward. Going to Mexico is always a practice of patience for me, I have to let go of any control I may have. I don't speak the language, Fi and M & M do. I don't know how to navigate the city, M & M do. This is the one time in my year when I just go along for the ride.

I'll be out till Wednesday! Then I'll finish up posts about M & S's wedding (reception and details), write about our trip and fill you in about a few things we've accomplished lately (budget, invitations, more vendors and a wedding coordinator?!!).

Seacrest out.


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�Tenga grandes vacaciones en Ciudad de M�xico! Diga hola a Frida. �Fume un cigarro para m�