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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandpa George

Fi's Grandpa George died today. He had been ill and declining for a while. He had dementia and for months we told him and told him again we were getting married. He was so happy everytime. I'll never forget how happy he looked each and everytime we told him. Fi went and saw him a few weeks ago, that time he remembered we were getting married.

George was always kind and nice and loving to me. He made the best screwdrivers and horseradish sauce from scratch.

Here is a photo of George and I in 2005 at Thanksgiving playing family BINGO. George will be missed.


Jenna said...

So sad he won't be able to be at your wedding, but it sounds like he really loved both of you and I am sure he will be there in Spirit.

Dana said...

I lost my grandpa a few years ago. I was really hoping that he would be able to walk me down the aisle. I am honoring him at the wedding by having a special chair in the front row decorated for him. It will be empty during the ceremony. I am going to have his and my grandmothers wedding rings put into my the ribbon of my wedding bouquet to have them close to me. If you or your fi do or do not do anything he will be there during the ceremony in spirit.

Anonymous said...

sorry for y'alls lost and that he will be missed on your wedding day. I'm glad that one of the last times he did remember you were both getting married, he will definitely be there in spirit.