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Monday, June 23, 2008

Perhaps my most productive weekend yet

Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday morning I spent with Fi's family, saying goodbye to Grandpa George. It was just what every memorial should be: filled with laughter and love. My favorite moment was sitting on the floor of Fi sister's (and BM) kitchen gossiping and laughing with gin & tonics in hand. Everyone said how excited they were for the wedding and it was nice to see some family before the big day.

Saturday I traveled home solo and jumped right to work. My buddy had emailed me a timeline/to do list, based on a previous post and also a few other organizational tools that she set up for me. Sweet!

After reviewing my new tools, I got back in the car and headed South to the Barrio to learn from Rosa of Rosa's Crafts how to make my paper flowers. It was interesting as Rosa only spoke pocito English and I speak pocito Espanol. But we muddled through it and together I learned how to make the easiest and in my opinion most beautiful flowers. $8.71 later I was set to make about 25 flowers. I went home and made 5 in about 45 minutes or so, but prepped the rest of the supplies so I can work on a few every night. Very pretty and easy and satisfying to make something for my wedding.

Sunday after an early morning run (the desert is hot, even at 5:30am) I headed out to finish our registry. I went to Dillard's with a friend, not with Fi. He and I had previously registered at 2 other stores and he was done with this process. Since the goal was sheets and towels and stuff, he had really no interest. But this was my first in store registry trip, so I played with the gun and had a great time!

After a full day at the mall, I headed home, worked on some flowers, updated my to do list, ordered my invitations (more on those later) and then got some great news. Remember how I had delegated my flower decisions to some friends? Well guess what, they came through, under my original budget with a great florist. All I have to do is meet with her to finalize some details and pay the deposit! I fully recommend delegating a task you have little interest in to someone who does have interest. I had to let go fully, let them move at their own pace, and they did and emerged with something wonderful!

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Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

ah, discussing flower boards with a prosecco in hand....a fun time for all this weekend! Glad to hear the paper flower crafting is going well, too.