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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I'm freaking out

I have less than 4 months to go and so much to do. So today's post- you get a list.
1. Finalize and order invitations
2. Finalize bartender who has still not sent me an invoice.
3. Pay rehearsal dinner deposit (today...then its all done)
4. Make a billion paper flowers. (or give up and buy them)
5. Figure out flowers.
6. Finalize menu.
7. Decide on a timeline...any one want to help with that?
8. Engagement photos.
9. Weight loss before e-pics.
10. Men's attire (I'm going to kill him)
11. Go buy guest book (all picked out, whew).
12. Buy shoes.
13. Make up trial. (Did I tell you I found an artist? Keep our fingers cross she doesn't suck)
14. Address invitations (Mel & Jenn get prepared for that!)
15. Bridesmaid gifts (although I know what I'm getting so that shouldn't be hard)
16. Ughh, this weekend I gotta go fill up a registry. At least I'll have company!
17. Hire a bagpiper (just emailed them)
18. Finalize all vendors (late night food and musicians)
19. Decide if I am going to have the elusive boudoir photos
20. Weight loss for boudoir photos.
21. Ceremony music
22. Pre-marriage Counseling (hopefully will get a handle onthat this weekend)
23. Marriage liscense.
24. Find a lawyer.
25. Honeymoon (i've given up and will be spending 3 weeks in my pjs at my house since he won't do anything!)
26. Find a groom who will help.

That's all I can think of now. Not too bad, I guess. Okay, I feel better, Thanks.


Anonymous said...

it looks like you are right on track from the standardized timelines I've seen. This list isn't bad at all. Easier said than done, I know, but you can do it

Linda said...

One thing at a time. Slow and steady wins the race. Rush to much and this won't be any fun.
Sorry your FI isn't kicking in more!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Linda said something very important about having fun and relishing the process. Let D or FI (or what should I call him here, I want to say his name) take his time, he will come through and it will be the best. Some things on the list you will get help on. Remember you can have a flower-making party at my house if you want! And, if you like Aveda makeup, the shop in casa adobes has a makeup artist coming in on friday - for free artistry, but you need to make an appointment.

Ellie said...

Jennifer! It's Mrs. Lovebug. Don't freak out. Four months is pleeenty of time, seriously. I'll let you stress at two months - but not four.

In a related story, though I'm retiring from wedding blogs in general, I'm going to be following yours very closely, missy. Let me know if you need an extra pair of hands. I'm having DIY withdrawal. =)