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Monday, June 30, 2008

Surprise Make-up trial

I go to the dermatologist a lot. I was there a week or two ago and I saw a sign about a Bare Minerals event. I had just seen on Martha Stewart Weddings that this make-up system was highly recommended and heck if my Dermatologist was hawking it...even better!

So I had my appointment with Linzee on Friday to go over the system and she teaching me how to use it (swirl, tap, buff!) and of course we got to talking about me and weddings and me. So Linzee drops in that she does wedding day make up (SCORE!). So we basically did a mini trial.

First, me normally. Everyday make-up. Kind of blotchy and pink, right? But my eyes are big!


Right after the appointment in my car.

Um, so I got really into taking photos, so I stripped down (strapless bra is on) put on my wedding jewelry and snapped a thousand photos.

Close-up of my eyes. Dramatic for me, but still natural. I wanted to punch Linzee in the face while she was putting on my mascara, was not fun. But also notice how my forehead is all smoothed out, my melasma is pretty much hidden!

The make-up stayed fresh all night long. And Fi kept saying how pretty I looked! :) Best part is I bought the Bare Minerals kit and have loved using it so far! I have another trial with the make-up artist at my hair salon, which would be easier (all in one place), but I am so happy to know that if that doesn't work out, I have Linzee to fall back on!


Linda said...

I love Bare Minerals. It's my everyday makeup. My makeup artist friend though recommended that I not use it at the wedding since it doesn't photograph as naturally.

Jenna said...

I never realized that Bare Minerals could make someone look so fantastic. Your skin looks great! I would find out about what Linda said though....

BTW I've been writing you an email for weeks now! I am on vacation this week and so I should be able to get back to you!

Blablover5 said...

That looks really good. Great find.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous - you've got awesome eyes!