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Friday, June 27, 2008

No cake.

I am not a sweets person. If you put a cake in front of me, I'd have a bite. If you put a 64 ounce steak in front of me, I'd devour it. I can name the sweets I like on one hand. Cake doesn't make that list. So when we started thinking about dessert, cake never really came up.

We discussed cupcakes, cute, but not really us. We talked about creme brullee (my dessert weakness) but not too cost effective. We talked and we talked about dessert...all the while Fi would come home with bags of goodies from La Estrella, the Mexican bakery. My favorite treat from La Estrella? Mexican Wedding Cookies.

It was a moment like that in a Scooby Doo cartoon, we are sitting around eating chorros and wedding cookies and conches and empanadas wondering to each other "what will we serve for dessert?". We got there eventually, sometimes we just got to take the slow train to figure things out. Best part about our decision? Price.

Mexican wedding cookies, so yummy!

Empanadas. we'll have pumpkin, pineapple and Fi's favorite apple!

A selection of pastries. Yummy!

I like this chart! We'll have conches at the reception.

Next up...we have no cake, yet we have a cake topper!


Linda said...

Yum! I'm so coming to your wedding. I love Mexican sweets. Especially empanadas!

Jennifer said...

I so want some of that right now.

Anonymous said...

oh yum, my mouth is watering. I love mexican wedding cookies