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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tagged, I'm it

I actually like this new take on the traditional meme so I am going for it!

1. Fi has to wiggle his feet to get back to sleep. He also wakes up every morning with a smile and laughs when I give him the stink eye which is how I wake up.

2. He is an accomplished cook. He is famous for his tailgate fare (wings, tri-tip, bean salad) but he has a great palate and loves to try new recipes. He shares a passion for food with me and we have a whole collection of pictures we've taken of food.

3. He is passionate about learning new things. When he was sent to Brazil for work, he spent weeks learning Portuguese. He reads his AZ Highways and National Geographic magazines cover to cover. He is diligent in keeping up with current events.

4. Once when he was gone for 10 days on a business trip, he hid little notes and cards around the house for me to find. One card had a $10 bill in it for me to treat myself to lunch. He was so busy prepping for work and travel and yet he took the time to buy cards and come up with hiding places and clues for me.

Okay I tag: Golightly and Linda


Jenna said...

I love that he learned Portugese for work. He sounds very dedicated (and thoughtful). This meme really was the best idea!

Dana said...

I saw your question about the gilt groupe on another blog about joining. If you go to Kate's wedding at http://katystardust.blogspot.com/ and look through her labels, I believe that she will invite you. I will be adding you to the blogroll. Please feel free to visit my blog broomjumpingbride.blogspot.com. Feel free to add me to your roll.

Jennifer said...

I don't know what a meme is, but I love it! How cute of D!

Anonymous said...

Super sweet! I love love love how he left the notes for you with $10 - I'd have eloped with him right then and there ;)

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I like this guy. A good person, inside and out.