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Thursday, June 12, 2008

A few of our purchases

Perhaps you thought I was joking in the last post when I said we bought flowers as big as my head. Proof. A flower bigger than Fi's head, which is bigger than my head. We got 9 of these bigguns in yellow (shown) white, 2 purple, green, orange, red, blue and pink.

We got 10 of these. The size is smaller than a dinner plate, bigger than a salad plate.
These are actually 3 little bunches we bought for like a buck off the street. I thought maybe the flower girl could carry them, or at least we'll pull them apart and sprinkle them somewhere.

I love this style of shirt, so I bought 2! The pink one is a a light shirt (have to wear a tank under it) but soo comfy. The one multicolored shirt is a bit thicker cotton. Here is an action shot of me in the first shirt. I'm posing with our rental bikes (free!) we rode all around Mexico City on these one speed bikes! Thanks Sony Erickson*.

* Sony did for pay me for that endorsement, but I really think it is awesome the bike rental was free!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Wonder where you'll put the 10? down the staircase...by the gazebo...on the trees....?
Certainly will go with a sunset wedding in the Old Pueblo. D. looks very happy about the selection. And I love your shirts (got one myself at TCP sale a couple of years ago, don't know if you were there for that...)

Jennifer said...

Love the flowers! Love the shirts! Love the free bike rentals!

I really like the little bouquet thing. Super cute!!!