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Monday, June 30, 2008

Surprise Make-up trial

I go to the dermatologist a lot. I was there a week or two ago and I saw a sign about a Bare Minerals event. I had just seen on Martha Stewart Weddings that this make-up system was highly recommended and heck if my Dermatologist was hawking it...even better!

So I had my appointment with Linzee on Friday to go over the system and she teaching me how to use it (swirl, tap, buff!) and of course we got to talking about me and weddings and me. So Linzee drops in that she does wedding day make up (SCORE!). So we basically did a mini trial.

First, me normally. Everyday make-up. Kind of blotchy and pink, right? But my eyes are big!


Right after the appointment in my car.

Um, so I got really into taking photos, so I stripped down (strapless bra is on) put on my wedding jewelry and snapped a thousand photos.

Close-up of my eyes. Dramatic for me, but still natural. I wanted to punch Linzee in the face while she was putting on my mascara, was not fun. But also notice how my forehead is all smoothed out, my melasma is pretty much hidden!

The make-up stayed fresh all night long. And Fi kept saying how pretty I looked! :) Best part is I bought the Bare Minerals kit and have loved using it so far! I have another trial with the make-up artist at my hair salon, which would be easier (all in one place), but I am so happy to know that if that doesn't work out, I have Linzee to fall back on!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Decorations for the dessert table.

This is one area where my FMIL and I did not see eye to eye. In fact, Fi didn't 100% agree with me either, at first. But he came around!

Remember that a lot of our decorations are based in Mexican/Southwest Folk Art?

Here's a photo of one of the paper flowers we bought in Mexico (I'm making the rest).

Some other flowers we purchased. Just to get you in the feel of our decor. The flowers may be spread over the dessert table.

We bought this painting titled "husband and wife". It was like $1.50, so we'll prop this on the table. I like to think that the husband (and I guess the wife too) looks a lot like Diego Rivera.

And the grand finale...my dream cake-topper! This beautiful couple stands about 10 inches high and is made of paper mache. I couldn't be happier! My FMIL thinks it is a little grotesque to be displaying skeletons at our wedding, which I can appreciate. But I love it. I love all the Day of the Dead decorations and feel it is a nice way to remember our loved ones. Since I've lived in the SW, I've made sugar skulls and paper mache skeletons and love the idea, the celebration of Dia de Muertos. I may have a lot of explaining to do, but perhaps I can put a sign up?

Friday, June 27, 2008

No cake.

I am not a sweets person. If you put a cake in front of me, I'd have a bite. If you put a 64 ounce steak in front of me, I'd devour it. I can name the sweets I like on one hand. Cake doesn't make that list. So when we started thinking about dessert, cake never really came up.

We discussed cupcakes, cute, but not really us. We talked about creme brullee (my dessert weakness) but not too cost effective. We talked and we talked about dessert...all the while Fi would come home with bags of goodies from La Estrella, the Mexican bakery. My favorite treat from La Estrella? Mexican Wedding Cookies.

It was a moment like that in a Scooby Doo cartoon, we are sitting around eating chorros and wedding cookies and conches and empanadas wondering to each other "what will we serve for dessert?". We got there eventually, sometimes we just got to take the slow train to figure things out. Best part about our decision? Price.

Mexican wedding cookies, so yummy!

Empanadas. we'll have pumpkin, pineapple and Fi's favorite apple!

A selection of pastries. Yummy!

I like this chart! We'll have conches at the reception.

Next up...we have no cake, yet we have a cake topper!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Finishing up M & S wedding

You may remember from the Last Post that we had finished the ceremony, including a coconut crash! So we had 2 hours or so after the ceremony. I hung out with M's sister Debbie's boyfriend Duncan (follow that?) who is the brother of this actor: (you many recognize him from My Name is Earl (slow Roger) or TBS's 10 items or less)

So if you are keeping track, that puts me 3 degrees of separation from Jason Lee (sigh). Duncan and I hung out at the hotel bar, enjoyed many Smithwicks on tap and watching t.v. Good times. Oh and did I mention that Duncan is a Navy Pilot...lands big trillion dollar planes on ity bity carriers. Sigh.

We headed into the cocktail hour at 6:30 and had appetizers and open bar in the hallway. Then about 7:00 they opened the doors to the ballroom. It had been transformed from the ceremony space to this.

The room was filled with purple accents and lovely details including lots of orchids.

This cake made me think twice about not having a wedding cake, but then it was served and it was meh.

This was one of the floral arrangements from around the buffet tables.

A little shiny from the humidity, but here we are!

One of the lovely centerpieces. At the end of the night, one of my table mates drank the water out of this. It was a fun evening!

The sweetheart table, which was on a stage. I'm not sure I want to eat in front of everyone while being elevated, but I guess it worked for them!

A buffet line. We had Indian food again, not as good at the rehearsal dinner, but still decent. I wish I could give Monica all the details she requested about the meal but this one in particular was identified with signs like "pickled" or "okra"...no good descriptors.

Here is the happy couple, changed! M in a tux with purple vest and S in this beautiful sari!

Beautiful colors! And check out this kid! He is S's little cousin and when I met him at 1:00 he could hardly speak to me, but he danced ALL night! Super cute! He knew all the moves.

M and his Dad. I am so thrilled that not only M & S are coming to our wedding, but so are M's folks!

Look at S go! She is part of an Indian dance-troop in LA, she teaches Salsa dancing and she loves hip-hop. There was a bit of everything at this wedding reception!

We had to take a few things up to the bridal suite and I was startled to see this! Yikes! I have never even owned that much make-up, let alone used all of it at once! But S looked beautiful!

After returning from the bridal suite, we saw this lovely bride (with her groom) headed up stairs. She looked stunning and was so sweet and happy! What everyone wants, right?!

While in Orlando, we headed to Disneyworld and enjoyed a ride on the teacups!

And a lovely day and night around the park!

The end!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Since I'm feeling all fugly about weddings....

How about some humor?


Courtesy of my favorite e-card site: someecards.com (note: not all of the cards on that site are safe for work and many use objectional language).

Budget woes

Anyone have an extra $3000 laying around?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The florist whom my friends recommended, who I will most likely use (barring that she call me back...) sent along this photo with the pricing information.

I am in love. I know it is really simple and it is small, but that is what I wanted. It won't be pinkish, it will be in whites and ivories and apparently green roses (what!). I'm not sold on the green roses till I see them, but I am keeping my options open.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Perhaps my most productive weekend yet

Thursday evening, Friday and Saturday morning I spent with Fi's family, saying goodbye to Grandpa George. It was just what every memorial should be: filled with laughter and love. My favorite moment was sitting on the floor of Fi sister's (and BM) kitchen gossiping and laughing with gin & tonics in hand. Everyone said how excited they were for the wedding and it was nice to see some family before the big day.

Saturday I traveled home solo and jumped right to work. My buddy had emailed me a timeline/to do list, based on a previous post and also a few other organizational tools that she set up for me. Sweet!

After reviewing my new tools, I got back in the car and headed South to the Barrio to learn from Rosa of Rosa's Crafts how to make my paper flowers. It was interesting as Rosa only spoke pocito English and I speak pocito Espanol. But we muddled through it and together I learned how to make the easiest and in my opinion most beautiful flowers. $8.71 later I was set to make about 25 flowers. I went home and made 5 in about 45 minutes or so, but prepped the rest of the supplies so I can work on a few every night. Very pretty and easy and satisfying to make something for my wedding.

Sunday after an early morning run (the desert is hot, even at 5:30am) I headed out to finish our registry. I went to Dillard's with a friend, not with Fi. He and I had previously registered at 2 other stores and he was done with this process. Since the goal was sheets and towels and stuff, he had really no interest. But this was my first in store registry trip, so I played with the gun and had a great time!

After a full day at the mall, I headed home, worked on some flowers, updated my to do list, ordered my invitations (more on those later) and then got some great news. Remember how I had delegated my flower decisions to some friends? Well guess what, they came through, under my original budget with a great florist. All I have to do is meet with her to finalize some details and pay the deposit! I fully recommend delegating a task you have little interest in to someone who does have interest. I had to let go fully, let them move at their own pace, and they did and emerged with something wonderful!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Um, I really thought we had a fabulous idea. Now, I am concerned about how this will be perceived.

Here's the story: We are inviting 150 people to the whole shebang: ceremony, dinner, dessert, dancing. We are inviting 80-100 people for dessert, drinks, late night food.

Then yesterday on my beloved Weddingbee I read this board about another bride doing the same thing! The other brides were not so nice about the idea.

Let me explain. We don't have a b-list (secondary guest list). We are really fortunate that our guest list of 147 is all our family, loved ones and friends. We have a second list (lets call them the others, shall we) of 80-100 friends that are just pals. The others, they aren't the B list of guests, they are people who would not be invited to our wedding otherwise. The others are people who we were once close to, but no, not so much. The others are our tailgating buddies. The others are our favorite bartenders. The others are co-workers and former co-workers. The others all live in the Old Pueblo. Our feeling is we want to share our day with a bunch of people and if that means the dude who sits next to us at the bar three days a week...that's who is coming.

We spoke to some close advisers and they all approved. We poured over our guest list, and poured and poured. So here we have it: 147 invited to it all, and about 100 for after dinner. As we start getting no's back, a few of the 100 will move into those spots, but very few.

When the others show up, dinner will be cleared, dessert will be served, bar will open. A late night snacky treat will be served at 9:45ish.

What do you guys thinks (I may regret this open ended question)? Do you think it is rude to the others? How would you feel if you were an other?

I'm freaking out

I have less than 4 months to go and so much to do. So today's post- you get a list.
1. Finalize and order invitations
2. Finalize bartender who has still not sent me an invoice.
3. Pay rehearsal dinner deposit (today...then its all done)
4. Make a billion paper flowers. (or give up and buy them)
5. Figure out flowers.
6. Finalize menu.
7. Decide on a timeline...any one want to help with that?
8. Engagement photos.
9. Weight loss before e-pics.
10. Men's attire (I'm going to kill him)
11. Go buy guest book (all picked out, whew).
12. Buy shoes.
13. Make up trial. (Did I tell you I found an artist? Keep our fingers cross she doesn't suck)
14. Address invitations (Mel & Jenn get prepared for that!)
15. Bridesmaid gifts (although I know what I'm getting so that shouldn't be hard)
16. Ughh, this weekend I gotta go fill up a registry. At least I'll have company!
17. Hire a bagpiper (just emailed them)
18. Finalize all vendors (late night food and musicians)
19. Decide if I am going to have the elusive boudoir photos
20. Weight loss for boudoir photos.
21. Ceremony music
22. Pre-marriage Counseling (hopefully will get a handle onthat this weekend)
23. Marriage liscense.
24. Find a lawyer.
25. Honeymoon (i've given up and will be spending 3 weeks in my pjs at my house since he won't do anything!)
26. Find a groom who will help.

That's all I can think of now. Not too bad, I guess. Okay, I feel better, Thanks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The bride bride

In contrast to yesterday's post, here are a few traits of mine that make me a bride-bride (as opposed to an anti-bride).

I love attention to details. As is the "in" thing today these days, I am trying to focus on a few little details that will make this wedding ours.

I love my dress and bought a veil. I swore up and down I wasn't going to wear a veil. My feminist ideals opposed the thought of a veil and all that, but I bought one and I'll wear it happily on my wedding day! And as for my dress, I totally had a bride moment when I tried it on and knew it was the one.

I'm having my dad give me away. I know that contradicts my feminist views I had about the veil, but I feel like it is a special moment between my dad, fi and me.

I secretly do want a bachelorette party and showers. I just don't want to have to plan my bachelorette or put anyone out financially.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The anti bride?

Read the article here.

A few things I identify with:
Bridal boutiques give you the creeps. You better believe they do.

You don't believe that the wedding is "all about the bride". No, unfortunately for my sanity, I tend to believe they are all about the families. Yup, this one has come back to bite me on the ass.

You let your bridal party decide what to wear. I have to say, they weren't all about it. I gave them options of colors and all I got was a lot of "whatever you like"s. I appreciate it, but I felt like I was doing them a favor. In the end, we all decided on a color and they can pick their own dress.

You fight tooth and nail not to have a bridal shower. And I'm fighting tooth and nail to avoid the second one to no avail. The first was nice and fun, and I'm sure this one will be nice too, but sheesh, I don't like all the attention.

You'd rather go for a hike than have a bachelorette party. My FSIL/BM really really wants to throw me a bachelorette party. Very sweet. But I don't want one. I'd rather go bowling or hiking or to lunch than get sloppy drunk wearing a penis necklace.

My birthday

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. It was a little bittersweet for a few reasons, but it was also wonderful. I had a few work buddies call me at home to wish me a happy birthday. I spoke to my BM who lives in NYC and to my brother and parents. I received a hand made card from my niece in which she drew all 31 candles on the cake! I had a great dinner with friends and Fi was extra caring and sweet. I received two gifts that just blew me away in their thoughtfulness and understanding of me. Nobody loves a birthday more than me and of course part of it is the attention I receive, but I think more and more it is the love I feel from friends and family that truly makes birthdays awesome!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Grandpa George

Fi's Grandpa George died today. He had been ill and declining for a while. He had dementia and for months we told him and told him again we were getting married. He was so happy everytime. I'll never forget how happy he looked each and everytime we told him. Fi went and saw him a few weeks ago, that time he remembered we were getting married.

George was always kind and nice and loving to me. He made the best screwdrivers and horseradish sauce from scratch.

Here is a photo of George and I in 2005 at Thanksgiving playing family BINGO. George will be missed.

My alma mater was hit by a tornado...

Thankfully no deaths have been reported. But I love that campus and today's early estimates are $20 million in damage.

If you are so inclined and want to donate to the relief fund, you can do so here.

A few of our purchases

Perhaps you thought I was joking in the last post when I said we bought flowers as big as my head. Proof. A flower bigger than Fi's head, which is bigger than my head. We got 9 of these bigguns in yellow (shown) white, 2 purple, green, orange, red, blue and pink.

We got 10 of these. The size is smaller than a dinner plate, bigger than a salad plate.
These are actually 3 little bunches we bought for like a buck off the street. I thought maybe the flower girl could carry them, or at least we'll pull them apart and sprinkle them somewhere.

I love this style of shirt, so I bought 2! The pink one is a a light shirt (have to wear a tank under it) but soo comfy. The one multicolored shirt is a bit thicker cotton. Here is an action shot of me in the first shirt. I'm posing with our rental bikes (free!) we rode all around Mexico City on these one speed bikes! Thanks Sony Erickson*.

* Sony did for pay me for that endorsement, but I really think it is awesome the bike rental was free!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

These are a few of my favorite pics...

My grumpy face. You can tell by the smirk shining through, I wasn't really grumpy. I was just making fun of Fi.

A long street shot of Casa Azul (the birth and death place of Frida Kahlo).

I love dogs. Even flea ridden Mexican dogs. I loved this pooch along the canals of Xochimilcho.

Smoking a lovely cigar. Look at Fi's piercing blue eyes! Yum.

Look at all this beautiful candy!