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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ode to Jenn*

At first all we did was run
Then it was clear you were fun
Sushi and Mexican we started to eat
After we ran with our group from Fleet Feet.

Tuesdays and Saturdays we see each other.
Soon I talked to you more than my mother.
Planning and dreaming, hoping and wishin'
You always listen and for details you'd be fishin'.

Our friendship began while pounding the pavement
Which coincided with my marriage engagement.
Guidance, patience and laughter you give away free
Always having time to listen to me.

You'd think that our standing 6:00am date
Would be enough and on our nerves we'd grate.
But after 100s of miles
And billions of smiles
A new true friend I've come to love.
Our personalities fit like a glove.

It doesn't stop there, my ode to Jenn
Because the best thing ever -she did just then
A "day of coordinator" she's offered to be
At my disposal for me, me, me!

I've asked my best friends Melisa and Amy
With Fi's sister and my pal Jaime
To be my bridesmaids-to stand by my side
But right there with us, along for the ride-
Jenn, My new friend for life
Watching me become a wife!

* my apologies to the Creative Writing Department at Kansas State University. I have not forgotten about rhyme or meter or any of the other lessons I learned while obtaining my Creative Writing degree. Potential students, please do not judge the department by this poem.


Jennifer said...

OMG!! I love you so much!!! (And I'm so glad I'm not wearing makeup today because I'm crying!) It was definitely destiny that made us both sign up for that 101 class! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet!

Jenise Porter said...

I love the photos and as one of the Fleetish Feet groupies I can hardly believe you've only known each other since 201. It seems like forever!