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Monday, May 5, 2008


This week proved to be busy with accessory acquisitions! On Thursday I won these earrings from a Weddingbee contest. I have been a weddingbee reader for over a year, so to actually win a contest was thrilling!

The earrings are from Perfect Details. As part of the contest I was able to pick the pair I wanted from a choice of four. I loved the simplicity of these earrings. They'll be here soon, so I can't wait to try them on! If they don't work for me, I think I'll give them to my mom (they are so her style) to wear at the wedding!

Secondly, the procrastinator in me was rewarded nicely today. I was reminded by Linda's blog about cover-ups that I wanted to get a cover-up (thanks Linda!!). I had cut out a page from In Style Weddings magazine that was dated "winter 2007" so I must of bought this issue like the minute I got engaged! Anyways there was a spread on "Chic Cover-ups: Short and sweet options for keeping your shoulders under wraps". Since I purchased my strapless dress I've been thinking about a wrap or sweater or something for the possibly chilling October Tucson evening. And luckily I had cut out this page from In Style Weddings! There was one wrap, a cashmere tie front cardigan with shawl collar that kept grabbing my eye. It is so clean and fresh looking, but for $200 from White + Warren I wasn't quick to get it. I finally when to their site today, dismayed that it wasn't in the bridal collection, off chance I tried "Sale" and low and behold! There is was...for $75! $75 for cashmere is a nice deal, and if it doesn't work with my dress, I'll wear it with jeans!

Finally, I ordered my veil! Initially I wasn't going to wear a veil, and then I tried one on and I had a total "I feel like a bride" moment. Then my mom was going to make me one, because the ones I tried on and liked were $180-$300 for plain, boring, ole veils. Finally my mom and I both stumbled on the Occansey Design website on which you can custom design your veil from $28. They can get pricey based on the embellishments you get and the length, but no surprise, I ordered a basic little embellishment veil for $40!

Whew! Now I need to give my credit card a rest!


Linda said...

Congrats on winning those earrings. I hope they work out for you.
Good job on getting that sweater. It's pretty. I hope you show pictures when all this stuff get to you!

Jennifer said...

Awesome!! What a great shopping spree! :) Man, $75 for a cashmere anything is great, and it looks super cute! And yay for a veil -- I remember how much more "awww" it was when the lady at the shop put one on you. Awww!! :)

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I love the White & Warren site...won't mind returning to it, to see the beautiful sweaters. And I'm very interested in the veil- is it layered and long or...?

I agree with Linda, hope you can post pix of all these goodies when they arrive.