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Friday, May 9, 2008

Packages Packages

I popped home for a quick lunch at home yesterday and I got a knock at the door. It was the UPS man! He had not only one package for me, but two! Yay!

I received my beautiful earrings from Perfect Details and my sweater from White + Warren.

I took quick pictures, so forgive me if the quality isn't that great, but I was soooo excited, I couldn't wait! (I'm rhyming now!)

Sparkly CZ with Majorca Pearls!
Great length, no? I love that they aren't too long, right at my hair line.
Sorry Mom, I think I'm keeping these!
I apologize for the weird leprechaun esque stance I am taking- I made a make shift tripod off of Fi 's dresser and Fellowship of the Rings, special edition DVD, so I wasn't too sure of the height I needed to stand at. I love the sweater. It is soooo warm and fuzzy and soft and light and I think it will be perfect!

And finally a lovely note from my new friends at Perfect Details! How touching! :)


limoncelloSTYLE said...

oooo...those are so pretty. congrats on winning the contest!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I really like the drop and length of the earrings. Funny, last night on letterman, paris hilton (I know, I know) wore a light drop earring that looked fresh and actually very pretty. So you are trendy and pretty in your earrings, your mom won't mind if you keep them.
And now it is certain, I am going to white and warren websire because I love that soft wrap cover....by the way I also really like that dress, where did you get it? Onward to day...my little blogs earn me $30 but sometimes I just want to veg!) First, a trip to booksale this morning. Congrats on all the very beautiful "stuff."

Jennifer said...

Love the earrings! They're so simple, and yes, the length is perfect, and the sweater looks perfect! Two for two!!

Linda said...

I love the sweater. I think it's prefect. Congrats on winning those earrings. I think they are beautiful!