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Monday, May 19, 2008

And in contrast...

In contrast to my last post in which I was reminded about why I love Fi, today I was reminded about his silliness (my nice way of saying stupidity). We leave for Florida on Wednesday. My favorite food is seafood...all of it: every single kind. I never met a fish, crustacean, creature of the sea I didn't like.

So about 1:30 my phone rings its Fi.
Fi: hey some guys are going to a crab and seafood buffet on Sunday. Do you want to go?
Me: What?!?
Fi: Umm, do. you. want. to . go.
Me: You are stupid. Have we met?
Fi: Well just checking.

I do have serious concerns about this place though. They serve lobster, lobster don't swim in Florida waters. They advertise crab legs, typically big crab legs large enough to be a meal on their own are from Alaska. They also serve prime rib...hmm. I think we'll actually skip it and drive back to the beach for good fresh seafood.

At the very least I had a good laugh.

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