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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Holy Schnickies and Son of a Bush!

Holy Schnickies: We have 5 months. We have 5 months. We have a very busy 5 months.

Son of a Bush! I finally FINALLY (almost) Finally decided on a song for the father/daughter dance. My parents recently saw Joe Cocker in concert and my dad and I reminisced about how we would dance to "you are so beautiful". Then yesterday Jenna and George danced to it. Ruined, spoiled, soured. Can't do it. Back to the drawing board.

In summary: we have five months till the wedding and just under 6 months till the election and George W Bush is still finding ways to piss me off.

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Linda said...

It appears that many people find that song "gross" for a father-daughter dance. Honestly if it has significance to you two, i think you should use it. In 5 months you might not remember they danced to it.