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Monday, May 12, 2008

Shopping for someone else's wedding

We have a wedding to go to in 12 days. In Florida! This wedding kind of yanked us out of our wedding planning focus and made us realize other people get married too. Since we'll be in Florida for a few days and have 3 wedding activities ( 2 of them formal) to go to and we were directed not to wear black (damn it) so I had to go shopping.

First off we will have 2 days on the beach (maybe more) so I needed a new suit that wouldn't give me awful tan lines. I found this cute suit yesterday at Target. I wasn't even looking for a new suit. The tie is removable and the suit stays up even while jumping (yup I jumped around the house last night like an idiot. Fi sat on the couch and laughed and hoped to catch a glimpse of "the girls"). Alas, this suit stays up!!!
Second...Shoes. So I can't wear black (religious and cultural guidelines) so I have substituted Brown for Black. I have two dresses for 2 of the events that are brown, so I was hoping for one shoe. Luckily DSW came to my rescue. I found this lovely shoe for $35. It also comes in blue, so I'll see how I do wearing it all night for two nights in a row, if it holds up, I may have found my wedding shoe! :)
Finally, I broke down and bought this dress from Dillard's. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend ($148), but the dress I am wearing to the rehearsal dinner was only $22 (sorry no pics on line, I'll post some later) so $168 for 2 dresses, not too shabby. I'll actually do my hair and I won't wear that awful heart necklace, and I think it'll be perfect. Its very flattering and comfy and since the festivities begin at noon and run all day and evening long, comfort was key.
Tonight, we go buy Fi an new suit for this wedding. 1 suit, 3 ties, I think he'll look great!

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Jennifer said...

Your life is all weddings!!