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Thursday, May 8, 2008

NYT: knottie article

The New York Times had an article this weekend about the Internet bonds formed on wedding websites. This is a phenomenon I am both amazed at and sucked into. I have made friends through wedding planning and I do rely more on Weddingbee and other bridal blogs for advice and ideas than I do my own bridesmaids (no offense bridesmaids!). I believe I value these "bonds" so much because I have so many woman around me (online) going through the same things. Their sympathetic ear is more tuned to my plights than those of my not-getting-married-right-now friends. NOT that my flesh and blood friends aren't sympathetic, but if they haven't dealt with it, sometimes it is hard to give opinions. Also, my online community is able to give more objective advice, which in many situations can be helpful.

I amazed too about the cliques mentioned in the article and man I play right into it! My local knot board stinks. I eventually dropped out of knot.com all together, cause I found the customer service to be horrendous. On the other hand I am a die hard Weddingbee and blog bride. I like the policies that Weddingbee uses regarding no vendor slamming and "no snarkiness". This just shows me that in cyberlife, just as in "real" life, one must find where they belong and where they feel comfortable.

I know FI must think I am crazy when we chat about wedding stuff and I spout off names like Miss Gingerbread and Miss Penguin and then I talk about Linda and Tara's ideas. But I am lucky that I have such great resources at my finger tips! :)


Linda said...

Aw, I talk about you too! Tai laughs about my bloggy friends all the time. I really enjoy having people to "talk" to about the wedding! We all learn from each. It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. WeddingBee is the new black ;) That and other brides’ blogs are where its at now. The Knot started it but they have some serious competition in my opinion. Most of my ideas come from the internet and none are from The Knot. Every once and awhile I will see a knottiebio that is awesome and that’s the only reason I ever hit up that site.