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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

School's out for summer!

Whew! Fi is finally done with school for the semester! Which means he won't be as cranky as he has been of late. We met last night and got him his suit for the wedding we'll be attending in Florida. We got a smokin' deal at Dillard's on a grey suit with pretty pretty pin stripes. All told, with alterations and tax, he got it for $160. And its Calvin Klein...and he is smokin' hot in it!

Now that school is out for the semester, we are on a rampage of doing errands we've put off "till school was out". Suit was a biggy, so I'm happy that's out of the way, next up a new piece of luggage. I wish it could wait till October and we could slap it on a registry, but it can't. We have two vacations in 3 weeks and we need a new suitcase.

When we are back from our vacations, we'll get a jump on his wedding obligations. Rehearsal dinner, what he'll wear to the wedding, attendant gifts, and guest book. Yup. I put him in charge of the guest book. We'll end up with a spiral school notebook and a sharpie, but maybe people with think its a hip new wedding trend.!


Jennifer said...

Woo hoo for Darrell being done for the semester! You know, Ross has good deals on luggage sometimes, might be worth checking out. I'm assuming you won't need a whole matching set. ;)

Anonymous said...

2 vacays in 3 weeks - can I come! Have fun and enjoy your relaxation time before the big day. Oh yeah Ross has the cutest luggage, also try Marshalls or TJ Maxx