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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Part One: Rehersal Dinner

We were invited to the "rehearsal dinner". It was very casual; at an Indian restaurant in Orlando. The drive from the hotel to the location included a drive through hooker alley. Awesome. We drove two of S's friends from college over, a lovely gay couple Kevin & George who are of course my new best friends! When we arrived the dinner was very informal. Walked in got greeted, buffet line, sit and eat. M gave a few announcements, but that was it. We were at the second seating of the dinner, so maybe the first was more formal of an event.

S was already covered in awesome henna tattoos. Check out her hands!

Her name and M's name were written in henna in her hands. So cool. She had the mendhi ceremony on Thursday when she, her mom, sister and a few other relatives danced and were painted. Her feet were covered too and she had a beautiful light purple Sari on.

After wards, half the crowd went to Pleasure Island, the other half of us stayed in the hotel bar. The hotel bar had Smithwicks on tap. I drank a lot of Smithwicks that weekend.
The evening was fun and we met M's Uncle Dennis, who rocked my socks off. Funny, funny man. He gave me marriage advice. "Marriage is give and take. You give a lot of shit and he'll learn to take it". I replied that if that was the definition of marriage, Fi and I have been married for a long time. That resulted in poor Uncle Dennis spitting out his peanuts!

Here is the only shot we took of ourselves that night.
next up: ceremony!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I love the henna ceremony tradition. How romantic and beautiful (and tattoos do not need to be permanent thanks to henna). Pleasure Island, a blast from the family disneyworld trips. not saying I liked that place but I remember a good movie theater.
I hope I hear lots more specifically about the food (tamarind sauce? papadum? great breads and chutneys? okra?), the ceremony and the clothes (yours included). and the music....

Anonymous said...

awesome marriage advice from M's Uncle! I just love henna - I think it makes for the best photos.

Jennifer said...

Wow, the henna designs are so intricate! Must take forever to get them done. You and D look so cute! Did the straightener work out?

Yum... "smithicks"!