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Thursday, May 8, 2008

White House Wedding?

My father (yup, my dad) and I got into a great debate last night about why Jenna has decided not to get married in the White House. He thinks she is nuts, I completely respect her decision.

My dad: Why not have a White House wedding, it happens so infrequently.
Me: Her dad's public rating has never been lower, we are at war, the economy sucks and we want to watch her get married in the White House?! Barbara maybe (her twin) but NOT Jenna!
Dad: Oh forget it! America loves weddings, we would rally around!
Me: Maybe that's the point, maybe she wants it private!
Dad: How can it be private with 200 people in attendance.
Me: Easy, we are having 300 and it'll be "private".
Dad: (after the shock of how many guests we are having...) But its the WHITE HOUSE.
Me: but its not her HOME!!!
Dad: 1. Crawford is a made up ranch they acquired 10 years ago, thats not her home either and 2. if someone said you could get married at Edinburgh Castle wouldn't you?
Me: uh, maybe.

So lets just say my dad and I tied. We agreed to disagree and I still respect her decision. I finished my argument to him saying "it is HER day, not OUR day, and she's the bride, she gets to do what she wants!". My dad reminded me that isn't always about the bride, that family plays a part too, even if they aren't readily involved in the planning.

Bottom line I do respect Jenna's decision, although it would have been nice to have a White House wedding in my lifetime! The last one was in 1971 when Tricia Nixon had her wedding (pictured below).

I'm not sure if I had the opportunity to get married at the White House if I would. I'm not sure now if I could have my wedding anywhere in the world if I would change what I am doing and what we are planning. Although the White House would be hard to resist!


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

I absolutely agree with Jenna's decision. If held at the White House it would be a spectacle rather than a personal ceremony...and certainly there would be many critics (too fancy, what right has she in times of war, etc.) The Texas affair, I've read, will be very private. Good for Jenna and (what's his name?). With these "challenging" times, a wedding ain't going to rally the country.

Linda said...

I agree with Jenna's decision too. A White House wedding is crazy affair. But your dad's right. A wedding isn't always about the bride and groom; It's about the family too. Which is why I agree with Jenna getting married at the ranch. That's her family's home!

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

i'd do the white house in a HEARTBEAT. :) but it's her wedding so she should do exactly what she wants so i'm glad for her if she's glad.