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Thursday, May 15, 2008

What I have learned about myself (and the world) through wedding planning

1. I actually care a lot about invitations.

2. I still need my mom.

3. You can hate the person you love the most.

4. Standing in a room half naked having ladies dress me isn't as bad as I thought.

5. I do like veils.

6. Food is the most important aspect in my life and therefor accounts than more than 50% of my wedding budget.

7. You can plan a wedding at work...if you have 18 months and a door to close.

8. I feel uncomfortable having bridesmaids.

9. I am a bad planner.

10. I am not a decisive as I thought I was.

11. I am a little bit OCD.

12. I am fearful of my relationship changing with my dad. I always want to be my daddy's little girl.

13. I am excited as my relationship evolves with my mom.

14. I am happy it took us 5 years to get to this point. I'm not sure our relationship could have handled this before now.

15. I am floored by the love and support we feel everyday.

16. I am still bad at math.

17. Being called "Bridezilla" hurts more than being called "bitch".

18. I am afraid I will have to do my own make up on my wedding day and I'll look like a freak.

19. Shoe shopping has never been so painful.

20. Corset backs are amazing.

21. Guest lists are as hard as everyone says.

22. I loathe Martha Stewart and her effing handkerchiefs and fondant cakes.

23. People can be cruel and demeaning regarding your opinions and decisions.

24. I don't like talking about myself.

25. I am selfish.

26. I want to talk about other things other than my wedding.

27. I do not want those other things to be my family planning plan.

28. Fi really is my best friend.


Anonymous said...

Great list! LOL at #7. And #23 is so true, where do people get off suddenly becoming an expert and must give their unsolicted advice in matters?!?

Linda said...

I totally agree with #21 & #23.
I see my relationship with my dad changing too. I really don't like it. We've always been close but it's like he's letting go of me to let another man take care of me. I still want my daddy around :)
I wonder if all Dad do this.

Jennifer said...

I love this list!!!