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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A nice reminder.

I am sick and tired. Literally. My allergies have kicked into overdrive. The PaloVerde and Desert Willow mock me. The sky is hazy and the breeze just stirs up the pollen even more. To top it off, we had a "field trip" at work yesterday and spent the majority of the day...outside in the wind and the pollen.

Last night we had Fi's birthday celebration. Tickets to CATS and dinner out. By the time I got home from the field trip I was one big congestive ball of goo. I called to see what time we should meet for dinner and Fi said "you are sick, I can tell. you want stay home?" Well I did want to stay home, but I bought the tickets forever ago and Fi was really looking forward to this night (yeah, yeah he was looking forward to seeing CATS, hardy har). But just the fact that he recognized my misery made me want to get my act together and go. It was a nice reminder of his awesomeness.

We had a nice dinner, a quick walk around downtown and then CATS, We had a good time and while I balled my eyes out (DAMN YOU ANDREW LLOYD WEBER!!!) he held my hand. It was a nice break from wedding, work and school and just a nice night out together.

A nice reminder at the right time.


Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

This play has been around forever. But I too get a misty feeling when I listen to "Memories." Glad you had a happy downtown birthday together. We were downtown Saturday, too, a beer and a nice simple dinner outside at The Cup, watching the sun set and the trains pass by. Hope your allergies ease off soon.

Jennifer said...

Maybe it wasn't the pollen, maybe it was the cats? I'm allergic to cats. I wonder if I'm allergic to the show.

Yay for a fun night out on the town with D, and yay for 100+ degree weather to kill off the flowers! But once they're dead, I want it to cool down again. :)