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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Some of you may be aware that we (nay I) am not excited about this wedding this weekend. For many reasons. 1. When I first met S, the woman marrying Fi's best friend M, she fell asleep while I was talking to her. She. fell. asleep. 2. When we got engaged (a mere few days before them, but we ain't counting) she said we weren't really engaged cause Fi didn't give me a ring. Yup, she said that at the time when I had a DATE, LOCATION and HOTEL ROOMS booked. They, they had nothing, no date, NOTHING. Tell me how was our engagement less of an engagement then theirs? Just hurtful.

So this whole wedding is bittersweet for me. I heart M, sweet as can be. I met him a week after Fi and I started dating and we hit it off. But S, well I don't use this term lightly, she's a jerk. I have bent over backwards to be cordial with her and she has never reciprocated. And more that not being cordial she's been mean. Fi and I never set out to "upstage" their engagement. And really with an engagement story like ours...nothing gets upstaged, it was low key. They had a freakin' Kay Jewelers commercial engagement.

Okay, back to the wedding. Its over a holiday weekend which I think sucks. I lose a holiday. And its not like we are saved from taking time off, we ended up taking off more time for this wedding cause its in Orlando. Over Memorial Day weekend. Me and every 6 year old will be there that weekend. I've already discussed that the reception is dry (hotel bar hotel bar hotel bar) and I can't wear black. Fi has been getting phone calls and emails from M daily asking him to do one more thing for them. And I get it must be really hard to plan an inter-cultural wedding from 2000 miles away (they are in LA, the wedding is in Orlando), but come on people- plan ahead!

Please understand that I am open and actually excited to be part of another culture's wedding traditions. But its the way it is presented to us. A list of no's. In fact, S made it clear to Fi that M couldn't reciprocate the Best Man title cause they don't do that. Fi could care less, he is happy to have M by his side in October, but to present it as such, well again, she's a jerk.

Well this morning I get an email from Fi, which he has forwarded from S. It is a reception itinerary. say that with me: A RECEPTION ITINERARY. Fi has been asked to give a toast (aww), now he's been given like a second to make the speech. And everything else is planned to a T. I hate think how S will react when the schedule de-rails. Cause it will and I don't say that meanly, but that's just how planning goes, right?

Fi's email said to me"do we have to do this?" and I replied do you mean an itinerary for our wedding, No. for this weekend, YES. And he replied "I'm happy I'm marrying you".

Anyways, I'll be out for the weekend, but plan on taking many, many pictures, so I'll have some fun posts next week. From now til then I'll be chanting "have fun be nice have fun be nice" in my head. Wish me luck!


Linda said...

Hopefully it's not that bad. I always try to be nice to FI's friends but some of them rub me the wrong way. I try not be mean but sometimes it slips :(

Jennifer said...

Have fun! Be nice!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

Be nice and, no doubt, you will have fun. Just think of that wonderful food......
Yes, take lots of pix.