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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Finally, a vision

I never wanted a "theme wedding" but I did hope there would be some continuity to the day. I have really struggled for over a year now to what my day will be like. I couldn't see it, really.

When I run a race, my coach taught us to run the race in our heads first. How are you going to start? What is it going to feel like at mile 10? Most of all visualize yourself finishing. I have really been working on this before I run a race. And it works! I swear the 6 minutes I cut off my 10k PR time were related to this (disclaimer 1- yup, I just backdoor bragged about my race time woot! disclaimer 2- if you don't train for a run...visualizing it alone ain't going get you to the finish line!)

So I have been visualizing my wedding. And it is finally working! A few things have contributed to this:
1. colors...I finally ponied up and picked colors.
2. DIY, I now know what a few of my DIY projects are going to look like.
3. research. I have spent every waking moment and many more work moments scouring the web, looking at inspiration boards, reading every blog ever written about weddings.
4. More decisions and ideas are coming together.

I can see my day starting (well as early as noon, with hair appointments), leading up to the ceremony with bridal portraits and party shots too (yup, Fi and I will see each other before the ceremony). Now that I have a ceremony location, I see myself walking down the aisle with my dad. I can see the readers (whom we still have yet to ask, so they may be different!) and my Uncle performing the ceremony. I can hear the music. I can see the bar area, the buffet lines, the table linens and decorations, the late night surprises, the dj, the dancing, the musicians. I still have a few blank spots - like figuring out how a few ideas will be executed, but for the most part...I can see my whole day!!!

And as for the "theme" or the continuity of the day...it will be Tucson. Just Tucson. We are incorporating a few of our favorite Tucson staples into the wedding. I feel like it'll be a mini tour of our favorite things about Tucson to our guests. I recognize that not every guest will "get" the theme, but it speaks to us and speaks about us. Which, isn't that the point of "Designing" your wedding? Providing a reflection of you as a couple to the world?

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ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

good for you! i think that tucson is enough of a "theme" and as long as you have cohesive elements and everything "fits" people might not notice the "theme" but they will notice the beauty.