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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

100 push-ups week one

I finished week one of the Hundred Push-up challenge! In one week I did 104 push-ups (28 on day 1, 35 day 2 and 41 day 3). Yesterdays work-out was tough, having to do 10 push-ups in one rep, but Fi was there watching my form and was very impressed by my 41 push-ups!

I feel a difference in my arm strength and hope to see some visual results soon too! Hope everyone else participating had a good first week as well! Wednesday I officially start week 2!


Anonymous said...

oh my you are hoss! I need to take a look into this one. I can barely do 20 and then my arms feel like spaghetti afterwards. I'm so weak - no strength at all

The Unbride said...

Wow, that's really good. I had to start out with 2 push ups/ day and have yet to do day 2. But I start boot camp tomorrow so I hope that will help. :)