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Monday, August 18, 2008

An open letter to my guests

Dear invited guests,

By now you have received my beautiful invitation. Please take all the time you need to admire the beauty of the invitation. But you know that small little card? You know the one tucked into the envelope I addressed to myself and pre-stamped for you? Just fill out and drop it in the mail.

I made it really easy for you. I paid the postage on it. I already addressed it. You received a save the date from us in January, so I'm sure by now you've made up your mind if you can come. So just write in your name and let me know. Because right now we only have 8 people attending and that really sucks.

By the way, I appreciated the email/phone call/ facebook message you left telling me how effing awesome our invitations are (I know!) but that doesn't excuse you from mailing in the response card! So what do you say? I feed you an awesome meal, ply you with drinks for a weekend...but in exchange you pony up and mail me back my response card- NOW!

Thank you very much-
an impatient bride

(yes for those of you paying attention...its only been a week since I mailed the invitations, but I'm really impatient!)


Blablover5 said...

Good luck in waiting for them. We had quite a glut at first and now nothing for a week.

I have a funny feeling I am gonna be making a lot of calls.

Anonymous said...

I'd be the same way ;)