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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Paybacks are hell

I'm a great wedding guest. I'll cry during your ceremony, I'll dance with your uncle and your pimply cousin. I'll toast you sincerely and I'll enjoy the food.

I'm also THAT guest. I'm the guest that has sex in the women's restroom during the reception. I'm the guest that removes my underwear. I'm the guest that cons the bartender into giving me one more drink for the road. I'm the guest that organizes the round of tequila shots, that writes stupid messages in your guest book, who has been seen smoking a cigar and a cigarette at the same time, and who throws the after party. I'm the guest who on occasion has "borrowed" items from the venue only to never return them. I'm the guest that defies the 1 drink/hour guideline your bartender suggested to you.

Now, its payback time. All those brides and grooms from the weddings above will be in attendance at our wedding.

I know I've never ruined any one's wedding or embarrassed them (just myself). The bride and groom who hosted the wedding when I enjoyed the nookie thought it was hilarious and have offered that they will enjoy my wedding like me and Fi enjoyed theirs (more power to them)! One couple has said to me on many occasion that they hoped every guest enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed myself. So you see, there has been no love lost or any feelings hurt.

I really do hope that everyone enjoys themselves as much as I've enjoyed myself at countless weddings. It'll just be weird to be on the flip side...and who's to say my behavior will change once I'm the bride! ;)


Sarah said...

There is nothing wrong with being "THAT GIRL" every now and then. In fact it's how I met my fiance... I was too drunk at a frat party my freshman year and one of my friends realized we grew up in Ohio and made him talk to me AKA babysit me until I was sober enough to walk home... great.

Jennifer said...

Now, I *really* can't wait till the wedding!