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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Short Haired Brides Unite!

There was a discussion thread on Weddingbee the other day about lack of photos of short- haired brides, well I've collected a few, so I thought I'd put them out there! Hope this helps ladies! I have been a bad collector and haven't kept track of where I have found these photos (I know many were seen on A Practical Wedding), but if these photos are yours, I'll be happy to give you credit.

Two Short Haired Brides!

Love the simplicity, just a flower tucked behind the ear!

This is one half of a same sex couple from Brooklyn. Both rocked the short hair, sans veil. (As seen on Brooklyn Bride, images by Daniel Krieger)

Her is the other bride. Such a lovely couple!

I went that short once, very freeing! Love the birdcage!

Similar to my own wedding look, except she has much fuller hair! From brides.com

Again, from brides.com

Another birdcage, I love the look!

I hope this helps! I know there are a ton more short haired brides out there, you just gotta look somewhere other than the Knot for inspiration. Here is a link to a post on OffbeatBride with other photos of short styles (more alternative hairstyles).

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Blablover5 said...

The knot is an awful place to go unless you want to find an updo. Never mind trying to find something specific.