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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stop walking on eggshells!

I am finding that people are treating me differently. Close friends, family, co-workers. Am I putting off a vibe that exudes stress and frustration? Cause you know what? I am neither stressed or frustrated! Besides a few moments like Panic Attack Monday (which I fear will be a weekly feature), I AM okay.

I notice that people treat me with kid gloves (or is it kit?) and sooth me as though I am about to explode. THIS frustrates me. I am not a bridezilla, really I'm not. I feel like I spend all my time defending myself to my friends: I am not picky, I am not freaking out, I am not going to bite your head off. I receive words of encouragement and pep-talks, like something bad is happening to me. Unless you all are plotting against me...nothing bad is happening, something wonderful is!

The fact of the matter is, yes, I do get stressed easier than oh, say, a year ago but I am taking things in my own two hands. I am eating well, getting enough sleep. I am working out, practicing yoga again and focusing on things other than October 11th. I have always been the glass is half empty kind of gal, but I am working - putting serious effort into seeing that glass as half full. So don't bring me down. I am trying to mindful of others and how I speak, act or treat them.

So please, do the same for me. Take off the gloves, stop tip-toeing and start treating me like a human being again.


Blablover5 said...

I fear that the idea of a bridezilla has become so ingrained in society that people just assume anyone who is planning a wedding is going to freak out at you and rip your throat out.

It's really sad how many ways people have to put women down sometimes.

Linda said...

Yeah this happened to me. One coworker asked me when I was going to become bridezilla. And most people expected me to start crying weeks before my wedding (stress, happiness, sadness, who knows?). Shrug it off. Nothing you can do about people's expectations of you.

Cody said...

My fiance keeps making references to me freaking out over "my" day. I really don't get it. Weddings just aren't that big of a deal to me.

But, apparently, much like having kids and shopping... getting all bridezilla about weddings is just what women do. (Not that my fiance thinks any of those things, it's just a weird societal thing.)

(And it's "kid" gloves... as in made from a baby goat.)