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Friday, August 15, 2008

Wedding Retreat

Yesterday as I was at home twiddling my thumbs because I had a snow day from work, Fi calls me up with a plan.

Have you ever known someone who is a grand plan maker? Well that's my Fi. I would make a educated guess that only 38% of his plans actually come to fruition. And 95% of those only happen because of my pouting. Fi is a big thinker...always a has a plan to hike the Grand Canyon, or take a road trip to Baja, or to go see U2 in Dublin (we completed 2 out of three of those plans).

So when I hear that Fi has a plan, it is usually greeted by a "yeah right" from me. But yesterdays plan? It was grand.

We are going away this weekend! We are taking advantage of the 180 degree heat in Arizona and the hotel deals that come with it. We scored a suite at a resort in Scottsdale for $71/night! The plan for the weekend according to Fi is to research and book our honeymoon and to finalize some wedding details. Fi has now begun referring to this weekend as our "wedding retreat".

I am so impressed by this plan. Fi hasn't been an absent groom, but he hasn't been particularly hands-on either. A few of our wedding plans are his idea, so he is involved in the decision making and "vision" of our wedding. But for him to want to buckle down- to get away from the everyday- and focus on us and our wedding and honeymoon, well I'm in love with him a little bit more.

So I hope to report on Monday about our menu choices as well as our honeymoon! Have a nice weekend!


Linda said...

Have a great time!

Anonymous said...

what a storm! my mom called me while she was driving home experiencing the Phoenix monsoon and I could hear all the crazy winds. Have a great getaway - I heart Scottsdale, its so fun. My guy is a grand plan maker too ;)

Blablover5 said...

Sounds like fun. As for a big planned that's my best friend (and MOH) she just seems cursed that all these big plans she thinks of fall completely apart.

Jennifer said...

Did you guys decide on honeymoon and menu??