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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wedding Nightmares

At the 8 month mark I started having horrible nightmares about the wedding, then I made a big push and got a bunch of stuff done and they went away. They were silly and stupid like me wearing purple underwear and everyone seeing it through my dress. Or ordering flowers moments before the ceremony. Or my dad forgetting to walk me down the aisle.

Well, the nightmares are back and now they are a bit more tangible- although still out there. Last night's dream entailed my beloved hair dresser, Jamie, joining the navy mere weeks before my wedding. The owner of the salon she works for Amy- refused to do my hair. I don't expect that Jamie will join the Navy, but I think the dream expresses my loss of control.

I feel like this wedding is a runaway train and I am trying to slow it down. There is so much more I want to do, but not that much time. I want to drop another 10 pounds, I want to save another $1000 dollars, I want to be more creative and add a few more details. I want to feel more control and I want the dreams to go away. Most of all I don't want Jamie to join the Navy.


Linda said...

My advice (if you want it) is to slow down and take some stuff off your plate. Do you need to lose 10 lbs to fit into your dress? Will anyone notice those little details? Will they make or break the reception/ceremony? If you don't have that grand will you not be able to afford the wedding? Cut yourself some slack. You don't want to be stressed during this time. It will hurt your complexion and could make you say things you don't mean to those you love.
Or delegate if you can. Let people know you need some help!

Jennifer said...

If Jamie tries to join the Navy, I'll help you take her down.

Blablover5 said...

It's funny but my fiance is having way more wedding nightmares than me. I think I may have dissociated with it all.