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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lifts and separates.

I am in love with a bra. I love it so much I just ordered 3 more.

I am well endowed and I hate buying bras. For a long time I was stuck in a rut at Victoria Secret. Although, not the worst bras out there, I would like a style, go back to get another and it would be discontinued, or worse, only be offered in a demi-cup. Well my cup runneth over and I need a full coverage bra.

A few years ago my bra broke at work, the underwire snapped. Luckily for me there was a lingerie store in the same complex. So I ran into the store and they helped me buy a new bra. It was one of those full-service lingerie stores. They fit you and not like Victoria Secret fit you, where they measure you. At this store, they go in the room with you and put you in the bra. They are professional and nice, but its still a little weird to be standing nude from the waist up in front of a lady old enough to be my grandma. I loved that bra. But I never went back, until about 3 weeks ago.

I walked in, same old ladies still working there. They fit me (nay dressed me) and I found the worlds best bra for me. It is a Lunaire bra, they only make bras for cup size C and bigger. I love style 13211 and it wears well under t-shirts. Unfortunately the store in town only carries "nude" color, so I ordered online the black and two white bras. At $32 each it is very affordable too, especially since Victoria Secret charges more money for bigger bras.

Many people at work asked if I had lost weight (I have) but the main difference I think is how well the bra lifts "the girls" up and supports me. My boobs are where they should be and not near my belly button anymore!

I just thought since I found a good thing, I'd share it with the blogging world.


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! I'm totally with you on the "cup runneth over" bit, and can't wait to get fitted!! :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for that one - I'm well endowed too & always am on the hunt for a good bra. The only VS bra I like that fits me good is the IPEX but I go a cup up for the fit as opposed to their other styles

Linda said...

good to know. I'm larger than VS carries so always on the look out for a good bra!

Jenna said...

Another well endowed bride saying Thank You for the bra tip! It's SOOO hard to find a bra that fits (seriously, I hate how all of my friends just walk in to a store and walk out with a new "dream bra"). I am sweating by the end of the day and have usually tried on 35 options with no luck. I can't wait to try this out!

Anonymous said...

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