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Thursday, August 28, 2008

A bit of humble pie

I often think I know more about things than I really do. Case in point music. I've always had a few songs in my head for the wedding. And I am under the belief that live music better than recorded music (except in the case of Boys 2 Men, that concert in 1992 was horrible!).

So 2 of the three pieces I really wanted focus on the trumpet. I got online, contacted the University gig list, the local Symphony Orchestra...done. I got a great response back from a trumpeter who is the principal trumpeter for an orchestra in town. Done and done. Then I emailed him the selections I wanted. And he said great, he'd be happy to accompany an organ or a piano.


In my email I specified a soloist and the two pieces I wanted played. Now, I have to find an organist or a pianist...plus the instruments?! Now I am back to the drawing board. I'm not sure what to do about trumpet boy, if i should retain him, or drop him and start over.

The worst case scenario is we have our DJ push play and we listen to piped music. (gag) But between all the other musicians we've hired, I feel like that's a let down. I guess I could have my piper play both the recessional and the processional. But I've always wanted some brass.



Jenna said...

How do I find this University gig list for my own town? I have been trying to figure out how to hire a violinist.

Blablover5 said...

It's pretty common to have a piano accompany for a solo. I know I had to do that a ton when I did performances with my clarinet.

You could ask him if he'd feel comfortable trying it on his own, but it will sound a lot more hollow without.

Linda said...

Ask him if he knows a pianist or organist. He might be able to assist. He might have someone he plays with regularly.

Jennifer said...

Jenna- go to your University's page, the dept of music (or fine arts) page and see if you can find it there. If not a call to the department will work!

No can do- we have an outdoor space, so unless I can find an orgainst who comes with their own organ- no go. Same with piano. I contacted the string quartet I've been drooling over to see if they are still avaialble, they are affordable, but our budget is tighter and tighter!

Anonymous said...

I would have to agree with Linda,ask him if he know a probable accompanist for the occasion.Blablover5 makes a valid point that the trumoet alon might be too hallow and an organist would likely richen the texture of the music.