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Friday, August 8, 2008

Whats happening?

Not a whole lot, but a bunch!

This weekend is the (maybe) last flower making weekend with Jenn and Mel. We have made almost 200 flowers and this weekend we'll knock out another 50 or so. However, the main purpose of the weekend is to assemble and mail the invitations.

These two ladies have hand addressed 75 envelopes for me! In between work, running, business trips, and my demands on their time...they have all the envelopes done! (save for the 4 pesky addresses were a waiting on) So while they have been addressing, I have labeled the response card envelopes with my address on clear labels using the same font from the invitation and stamped those. I have also hand written numbers in pencil on the back of the response card itself, just in case some one forgets to put their name! Tomorrow we will make note of which number goes to which person, stuff the beautifully handwritten envelopes, stamp them and I'll take them to the post office and maybe they'll let me hand cancel them!

They should be arriving in peoples mail boxes early next week! sheesh. I'll post pictures next week once the invitations have reached our guests.

I've been working on an escort card idea, and plan to unveil it to the girls tomorrow for their approval or ideas.

This weekend, my future in-laws will be in town. Fi and his dad will be going to rent their tuxes tomorrow morning. Fi's dad has never worn a tux, so this will be an adventure for him!

I'll be back Monday with some photos and updates! Have a lovely weekend!

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Blablover5 said...

Good luck with the invitations. Licking the envelopes is the worst. Blech.