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Monday, August 11, 2008

Panic Attack Monday

It is two months to the wedding.
I mailed my invitations today.
These two nuggets combined equal Panic Attack Monday.

Let us focus on some positives:
I have lost 6 pounds!
I have all but 3 invitations mailed (photos this week, I promise!)
I have all my table decorations made!
We are making progress on our honeymoon planning (take 2).
I get to watch Michael Phelps every night.
I did 55 push-ups this morning.
I had a relaxing, non-wedding related dinner with my running pals last night.
I had a wonderful phone call with my mom this morning.


Anonymous said...

wow - GO you! Awesome, awesome, awesome ;) can't wait to see the photos and you are now my Push-ups hero - I tried to do 3 last night. Yeah, 3. Made it to 1.5

Blablover5 said...

Two months is scary. I start a new job when we hit two months so I am trying to get as much done this week as I can.

Jenna said...

Wedding twin you are stressing me out! I haven't even MADE my invitations yet. Actually they aren't even designed all the way. I don't have all of my addresses...blah blah blah. You are so amazing though! I'm glad I have you to keep me on track a little bit.

KMAYS said...

The canoeing went well after the pushups! I felt really strong.