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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Goodbye Google Reader

Dear Google Reader,

You have been one of the most wonderful technologies I have known. You take all my favorite blogs and let me know when they are updated. Instead of refreshing on Jumping the Broom every ten minutes, you kindly let me know when it is updated so I can visit the site and read away.

However, you have gotten away from me. The 25-30 wedding blogs I have subscribed to seem to update at an alarming rate. I can not possibly read 50-70 blog posts a day without going a little nuts. I have pared you down. I sometimes do the unthinkable and click "Mark all as Read" without reading.

As this wedding approached in 45 days (choke, cough, choke) I need to simplify. So Google Reader- goodbye. I have stripped you clean except for my few (you know who you are) must read daily blogs. These blogs are helpful to me. They don't taunt me with unnecessary stress and ideas. They are my webpals who are (or just have, or are just funny, or I like to pretend we are real friends) getting married soon too.

I'd like to say that I'll miss reading weddingbee or the bride's cafe, but something tells me I won't even miss them and my head will be a little less cluttered because of it!


Tara said...

I did the same thing... there is a point where one more beautiful wedding is more than you can take when you are just trying to finish everything... and it is alarming how many posts can add up so quickly in GR!

Good luck with this home stretch of wedding planning!!!

Linda said...

I'm honored that I get to stay in your reader! It can get overwhelming. I totally understand. Maybe you'll add them again once the wedding is over.

ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

as i sit here, reading my ridiculous amounts of blogs in my google reader, i am jealous. :)