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Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh brother

I am knee-deep in invitation stuff. My pals Jenn & Mel are addressing invitations and they are being sent out soon.

So as a "heads-up" I emailed my mom and my FMIL a week or two ago with maybe too passive of an email. I let them know invitations had arrived and my girls were ready to roll out their pretty handwriting. Translation: LAST CALL for address changes.

My mom took the hint, she made one change and bamm, bride's side done. FMIL did not take my subtle hints. I emailed her today with a clarification question and I get 2 address changes back and (ready for it?!) and additional guest! A family of four. Uh uh. No way.

Luckily, the envelops hadn't been done for those few changes, so no harm no foul. But FOUR more people? I very politely reminded her that Fi won't be back till this weekend and we'll have to look at our already tight guest list to see if there is room.

The part that irks me the most, is the reasoning behind inviting them. Apparently Fi mentioned to them we were getting married. He did not invite them verbally, he did not commit, he didn't even hint. Following her logic, all you readers must now be invited. And all my co-workers and my pedicurist and my entire running group, and heck my favorite checker at the grocery store cause sometimes I buy bridal magazines and she compliments my ring.

All I can say is "Oh brother".


Linda said...

Yea! I'll keep an eye out for my invite ;)

Blablover5 said...

My parents have been the worst. They just keep adding people.

I swear I don't want to talk to them anymore for fear of hearing "So did you remember to invite so and so?"

Anonymous said...

I'll be there ;)

what a bummer, I keep hearing about how wedding guest lists can get out of control like this. Aiyee.