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Sunday, October 5, 2008


We've all read them...you know those GAzillion articles and wedding checklists reminding you to get your hair color/cut/facials/waxing a week before your wedding.

Well I implore, nay beg you, to follow the rules.

May my right eyebrow be a lesson to us all.

Friday I had my hair color and cut with my hair dresser extraordinaire. I also had a brow shaping with my usual waxer.

Well the wax was a bit hotter than usual and I have a burn above my right eye. Today looks a lot better today than yesterday and yesterday looked better than Friday. I am confident my eye will heal and there will be but a trace of a burn if anything by Saturday.

But had I not followed the rules...I'd be in a bit of a pickle for the wedding.


Blablover5 said...

Both me and my guy went to get our final hair cuts about a month before the wedding and while you can't do anything to mess mine up his is a challenge.

He's got so much wavy hair that it takes a long while to cut and the woman who did it this time was so hurried that it's a terrible butcher job. Hopefully it'll fill in more before.

Anonymous said...

Less than a week - I'm so excited for you!! You'll look great no matter what. Just dont go trying anything new for the rest of the week ;)