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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let's Start at the Beginning

First of all, I am very happy to announce that the photographer sent a few teaser photos to Jennifer, and she forwarded them on to me so that I can share them with you, her beloved readers! Yes, she forwarded them from Costa Rica. Yes, I told her to get back to her honeymoon already. Anyway, some/most of these pictures will make it into the blog in the near future, so that's exciting! :)

So I'll do this in parts, starting with, well, the beginning. :) And for all intents and purposes, that was the day before the wedding: Friday, October 10th, 2008.

The rehearsal was held at the Z at 11 am, and everything went smoothly. It was a beautiful Tucson day. The owner of the Z gave us a few guidelines and schedules, and the bridal party ran through what they were going to be doing on the big day. But you know all that, since most of you are fellow wedding bloggers, right? :)

Following the rehearsal, the ladies of the bridal party (plus yours truly :)) were invited out for a Ladies Lunch at Pastiche in Tucson. What a wonderful lunch, and wonderful company!

Then, most of us went our separate ways, some of us to go get manis, others to go rest up for the rehearsal dinner, which was at El Charro in downtown Tucson, right across from the Z!

The rehearsal dinner was fantastic: fantastic food, fantastic people, fantastic toasts, fantastic evening. It was nice for the couple to spend some time with family and close friends before the wedding, and for the extended families to meet and mingle.

This picture just may be the last picture of the couple before they tied the knot -- and what a great picture this is! I think their smiles exude their excitement of what's next: The Wedding!

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Jenna said...

We are both married! How exciting! I am super jealous that you are getting pictures back already. It feels like everyone is getting their pictures and I am just waiting oh so impatiently.

How fun that you are having someone guest blog for you while you are on your honeymoon. I am actually just doing my own blogging. I can't seem to tear myself away! Enjoy your tropical time, let's compare notes when you get back!