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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Getting Ready

The Big Day started ominously cloudy, with rain throughout the morning and early afternoon, all around Tucson. As scheduled, the ladies in the bridal party as well as Jennifer's mom met at Essenza Salon at 11:30 to get spruced up.

The bride at Essenza Salon (courtesy of yours truly)

After Jennifer was ready -- looking gorgeous already with her hair and makeup done, her veil in her hair, and wearing one of her dad's button-up shirts -- I drove her to the Z to start settling in and getting ready for pictures at 2. On our way downtown, it started to sprinkle. While we were in the Bride's Room after the rest of the bridesmaids showed up, it started to pour. The owners of the Z came in and gave a quick weather report, and a summary of what would be done if the rain was here to stay.

(courtesy of yours truly)

After Mel and I got Jennifer all snug in her beautiful wedding dress, the rest of us got ready, and the photographer started snapping away!

Pretty Bridesmaids, and adorable Flowergirl! (courtesy of yours truly)

While Jennifer got some bride portraits taken, the girls helped me get some odds and ends done, like laying out the escort cards and guest book.

Escort cards, alphabetized by Jaime, beautifully arranged by Amy. (courtesy of Amy Hughey)

Family photos honoring those who could not make it to the wedding (courtesy of Amy Hughey)

The flowers were delivered, and they were gorgeous. Jennifer's bouquet in particular was special. Cream colored roses, succulents, and wrapped in Buchanan family plaid -- it was truly unique.

Beautiful Bride's Bouquet (courtesy of yours truly)

By this time, the sun was out, and the streets were drying up. Things were getting set-up out in the courtyard as an outdoor wedding. Everything was back on schedule and in plan!


Jenna said...

That brides bouquet is SO beautiful!

Linda said...

I am in love with your bouquet!!!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

viva a desert-inspired bouquet (and native succulents). yes, the photo of this display is just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh you were so gorgeous,seeing these pics has me more excited for my big day!Congratulations on your wedding!