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Sunday, October 5, 2008

A word about---football.

I KNOW I have a few readers who are football fans themselves, so they'll understand.

We planned our wedding in the heart of college football season. We coordinated so that our "home" team was away (ie more hotel rooms, ease for our guests, season ticket holders were sure to attend) and that my alma mater was away as well. A bye week would have been preferable, but we lucked out that MY NFL team has a bye.

But now here we are a week away, home from a HUGE win for our home team and I thought of this: next week my team plays A&M. At MY wedding we will have 4 A& M grads. MY team better win, or I may have to ask all those guests to leave.

I again know, my football lovers will understand..and of course, I WONT really kick them out, but sheesh, that will stink if they win and shove it down my throat at MY wedding.

Maybe we should have planned the wedding for June...neutral territory.

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Blablover5 said...

Well as any college football fan knows us Cornhuskers are um a wee bit obsessed when it comes to game saturday.

It's funny how much the entire state shuts down when the games happening. So we had to plan during an away game (there's just no way you could do anything in this state on game day) and luckily for us it's just against Iowa State.

I am hoping it won't be another night game though, if it's an early afternoon it should be getting done before the wedding starts otherwise we'll have to find some radios or something.