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Monday, October 6, 2008


We live in the desert. We are lucky to get 10 inches of rain a year and in October we are lucky if we get an inch. So planning an outdoor wedding in Tucson SHOULD be a safe bet, no?

Our ceremony and reception is outdoors.

Currently the weather sites all give us a 30% chance of rain before 7pm. That blows. Big time.

I know we are still 5 days out, but PLEASE rain, rain go away. Come back on Sunday.


Jennifer said...

5 days out is plenty of time! (I saw that today, too, but figured it'll change as it gets closer.)

Ellie said...

It's gonna be great. I have this word prescience about weather, and I can smell it in the air already. It's gonna be great.

Anonymous said...

every dance I do this week will be an anti rain dance just for you ;)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Ten inches per year! We got over 10 inches from one storm: Fay. Some areas of Florida receiver over 20 inches from Fay. I'm a big fan of the desert though, every drop is precious.