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Thursday, October 2, 2008

(Waving white flag)

I surrender. I surrendered to Fi this morning when I forwarded him the SEVEN emails from his mom. He asked if he could answer them and I said yes (I think I may have screamed it, but agreed none the less).

I surrender to the realization that I have been a royal biatch to everyone lately, throwing out ultimatums and threats like candy at a parade. My deepest apologies to everyone.

I surrender to this cold/allergies/stress bubble turned into snot that's in my head. I will let go.

I FULLY, COMPLETELY, for the last time, surrender to the idea that at the end of the day....I will be married and that is all that matters.


Jennifer said...


And at the end of the day, you'll still have your friends, too.

Anonymous said...

Holey moley, Yah for you ;)

Tara said...

it is such a weight of your shoulders to surrender to the "it is what it is" feeling... at this point, just let it happen and you will have a wonderful day.