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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Turn?

My oldest brother, his wife and my niece travel to see us once a year. They live in DC, so every February or March they head out to spend some time with us in the sun.

So today I left work (for THREE weeks) and stopped by the hotel my brother's family is staying to say hello. I went to the pool to see them, stuck my feet in the hot tub; just like i did in March and February 2007 and March 2006- all the way back to February 2002.

So right now- it feels like a visit from my brother- not my wedding. The came over, my niece fell asleep in my bed and my brother, SIL, fi and I drained a few bottles. Same old same old.

When is it going to feel real? When's it going to feel like my wedding?


Anonymous said...

I've heard and witnessed that as soon as you walk down the aisle, BAM! it hits you. Good luck and have a beautiful day and fab wedding!!

Emerson Beyer said...

I had the same experience last night with my parents. I thought, "Now it begins." But in fact, it felt like any other weekend when they come to town to help us with landscaping or just to hang out. Dinner on the grill, two beers apiece, opened some gifts . . . good night and in bed by 10.

I think it starts tonight - with both sets of parents and a cluster of aunts/uncles/cousins going out for pizza. This will be the first day that people start arriving by airplane.

Then again, maybe I'm waiting for a sensation that will never really come?

Blablover5 said...

It's funny last night was our last meeting with the minister and she was talking about how it won't really feel real til at least the rehearsal or the day of.

So I guess for now we're just supposed to enjoy the wild ride.

Tara said...

It will hit you at different points... that morning when you get up, when you are putting on your dress, and most of all when you are just about to walk down the aisle... but until then enjoy the time with your family!

Anonymous said...

I'm still 6 months out and it feels nowhere near "real"...I'm very excited for you -- have a FANTASTIC day!!