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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reception: Part 2

Shortly after the Father-Daughter Dance, El Guero Canelo Sonoran hot dog stand arrived, and a mild form of chaos ensued. You would think the guests hadn't just eaten a full dinner and desserts the way a line formed at the back gate of the Z!

(courtesy of Peggy Hazard)

And, as it if were planned or something :), the Mariachi band arrived and started playing! The festivities just kept going, and it was like a second wind had taken over everyone in attendance!

(courtesy of Amy Hughey)

And what's a wedding reception without a little dancing?

(Courtesy of Todd Tosseth)

All in all, the wedding was exactly what I think a wedding really should be. It was about the couple sharing their special moment with family and friends. It was about the couple celebrating how far they've come, while still looking out into the future for what is yet to come. And it was a damn good party!!

I'm so glad that I met Jennifer, and was able to be such a big part of her wedding! It truly was such a wonderful weekend, and I hope I got all the important things across during the last few weeks as "guest blogger." :)

Thanks for reading these posts, and I'll be handing this back over to Jennifer, who should be back at it very soon! To those brides who are still working your way up to the Big Day, congratulations and good luck!!


Jenna said...

Jen, you obviously did not hold back ONE BIT in having the best day ever. Congratulations again!

Monica Surfaro Spigelman said...

My thanks to Jenn for sharing details and pix on She Weds. Those of us who couldn't attend appreciated your guest posts- You're a good friend (and blogger).

So how good were those hotdogs?

Jennifer said...

Let's just say, I managed to make room for 2 hot dogs *after* dinner and dessert. My boyfriend scarfed 4. :)