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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Tips for making your table assignments easy.

1. Know that it will not be easy.
2. Spend way too much time trying to get it done by yourself before yelling at your Fi to help.
3. Ignore the task for a week.
4. Dedicate an evening to it, knowing full well, it will only take a few minutes, how hard could it be!
5. Have fi bring home a bottle of champagne (as a surprise) and drain it of its contents while moving people around.
6. Stand over your dining room table filled with escort cards, moving folks around for 2-3 hours.
7. Awe at your brilliance when you make connections (ie JOE is a doctor and my cousin Susan IS A DOCTOR too, so clearly they must sit together! Duncan is a navy pilot, Matt was in the Navy - table 7, done!)
8. Act surprised when at 11:00pm after 4.5 hours that it took THAT long and bask in your glory of getting all 112 people at 14 tables.

1 comment:

stacey said...

Way to go!! Because of so many last minute RSVPs/changes (GRRR!) my mom was sprawled on the floor of my hotel room rearranging our poster with tiny stickey notes the morning of while I was getting ready! It was one thing I had to let go! Although I'm pretty sure I saw it in the foyer at some point DURING the reception!

Good job getting it done! It's way bigger of a task than you'd ever think!!