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Monday, July 7, 2008

Back from vacation!

The shower in Kansas was lovely, bringing me together with a few ladies I haven't seen in a long time. My mother's friends were way generous and threw a beautiful spread.
Here I am with "the church ladies" as I call them, all my mom's home girls from church. All but two are making the 1000 mile trek to the wedding!

Me and my mama in front of the spread. There was mini quiche with green chilies, guacamole, chips and salsa, tropical fruits and lemon Italian creme cake. omg was it good.

I got a lot of loot of the registry, but all were conscience of me traveling home, so I got a bunch of packable things. I also received my first naught bits gift. Three cute Lacy boy shorts in my school colors (wildcat pride!).

I met most of these woman when I was 13, so it was fun to be with them as a grown up. They all reminded me of my feminist days in church, when I refused the female lead in the church play because it was sexist. (I did accept it the next year and rocked it out!). They reminded me of my exclamations as a youth "no marriage", "I will never change my name" (I'm sticking to that one!), "no babies"....man at 16 I was not only verbal but very opinionated!

I am still finding showers and celebrations in my honor humbling and embarrassing. I guess these days I no longer want to be the center of attention. I also missed Fi terribly even though we were only really apart for 2 full days. Pathetic, right? When he travels for work at the end of this month for THREE weeks, it'll be a shock to the system!

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Jennifer said...

I love the pictures! What a nice bunch of women to have grown up with. :) How funny that things have changed in the years of your childhood, too! Life has a way of changing some opinions (and cementing others)!

Glad you're back. I'll help keep you company while D is gone!