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Friday, July 11, 2008

Flower Girl

My flower girl rocks. She is my niece. I am lucky to be blessed with 3 nieces. Growing up with 2 older brothers who teased me incessantly, seeing them raise girls gives me pleasure!

I picked just one of my nieces to be our flower girl due to ages, as their ages are: 7 years old, 21 months and 5 weeks. The 7 year old won.

Lucy is an only child, born to my eldest brother. She is the funniest person I know. Her first word was "duck". When she was 3 she asked if her middle initial, "G", stood for Goose. It doesn't. When Lucy was 4, everyone came to spend Easter in the desert with me. My dad rented a big van, you know, like a church van. It was known as Grandpa's bus, dubbed by Lucy. To this day, when we have to squeeze in a car, she asks "why can't we just take Grandpa's bus?".

When she found out Fi and I were getting married, she called me. This is how the conversation went down:

Lucy: AJ (she calls me AJ, short for Aunt Jenn, cause we are hip like that) AJ, you know sometimes at weddings there are flower girls.

AJ: Really? (stifling a laugh)

L: Yes. And those flower girls get to wear pretty dresses.

AJ: Do they?

L: Yes. And Aunt Jenn?

AJ: Yes Lucy?

L: I just want you to know that I am available.

I let the situation sit like that for about 9 months. Then at Christmas, before the engagement party my parents threw for us started I gave a Lucy a card asking if she would be our Flower girl. She literally shook with excitement.

Sometimes throughout this planning process I get more excited for her than for me. This is cool, I always wanted to be a flower girl. I never was. Maybe when Lucy gets married, I can be her flower girl. This is the perfect age too. She is engaged in the process. She came to a shower. She asks questions about the flowers she will carry and helped to make the decision not to toss petals ("cause really AJ, someone will just have to sweep them up!"). But the creme de la creme for Miss Lucy was the dress. Lucy wanted that I provide some suggestions, so I sent her an email (via her mom) with 5 choices. I got an email back with 20 other suggestions. I narrowed those choices down to 3 and yesterday her mom ordered this dress for the wedding:

I think Lucy may look cuter than me! She will carry a bouquet of white and ivory roses with some green accents. Her bouquet will be tied with a pink ribbon. It'll be the only pink at the whole wedding, but she was very disappointed I didn't choose pink or purple as a wedding color, so she'll get her own touch of pink!

I can't wait to see her again and watch her excitement about this event!


Blablover5 said...

I got a 21 year old flower girl all because she never got to be one when she was little.

My fiance's sister has been getting hit up by her young cousin as soon a she got engaged. Had to point out how she was getting up there in age to be a flower girl (after all she just turned 5). Crazy kids.

Chris said...
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Jennifer said...

This is adorable! Lucy is going to look fantastic! :)