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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Veil making with my Mom

I am a loser and forgot to take pictures, but- my mom and I made my veil on Saturday morning!We laughed, we cried, we laughed some more.

I found the online instructions online here and my mom bought tulle from JoAnne's. We had some trouble visualizing the instructions and ended up not following them to a T, but we cut out the tulle to make a beautiful ivory double veil, fingertip length.

My mom had bought 2x as much tulle as we needed ($6.50 total) and we started by cutting it in half, so we had the correct size to work with. Then we were left with 2 pieces that were (approx)36 by 75 inches. We folded the tulle in half the long ways and the cut out a rounded edge at the bottom. My mom's dining room table had the perfect rounded edge so we followed that as a template. Because tulle is so light, I held it taught as it would be easier to cut.

Then we pulled the top layer up, about 4-6 inches and found the center. See my poor illustration from paint:
See how the edges are rounded? ;)

The center will be where we place the comb. The bellow illustration is how it will look (roughly!):

I loved how full it look held up next to my head and it hit right where I wanted it too! Go mom!We headed back to Joanne's and bought some beads to embellish it and my mom is going to do a rolled hem on the sewing machine and hand stitch some of the beads at the bottom. Below a photo of a rolled hem. Although my veil is ivory, so it won't look aqua!

I need to find a comb. I have very fine, baby hair and wear no hair accessories. So I'll be looking for a basic comb that my mom can sew the veil on to. I think I'll start at CVS and make my way over to Sally Beauty Supply. Any suggestions on plastic versus metal?

oh and thanks mom!


Jenna said...

You can tell it's going to be so gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

If you have fine hair, maybe plastic -- it's lighter and won't weigh your hair down? I like metal clips and stuff, but I have hair that's super thick and heavy. And as much as I know you'd dread going into, like, Claire's or Icing, you might have a bigger selection there. Thought about combs meant for baby hair? Babies have fine hair.