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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A distraction...

So lets talk about happy things, not lost guest list things, okay?

Today is a tutorial on Bridesmaid, numero uno. Melisa. A note first: I have no maid of honour. It was becoming painful to decide, so I figured why should I decide! So I have 3 bridesmaids.

Back to the matter at hand: Melisa.
I met her in December of 2001. Okay, so it was New Year's Eve, but it was still December and it was still 2001. We hit it off like gangbusters. The first night she and I really hung out, we stayed out all night long.

You ever have those friends that are always just there? That's Melisa. She is the mothering type, always having advice and band aids when you need them. If you have to cry, you call her. Two of the scariest times in my life have been when Melisa has called me crying. She is so strong, it was a shock to hear her cry and I knew things were bad.

A few years after we met, she introduced me to my Fi. For that she rocks. I can never repay her, although I try to find contact information for the esoteric Broadway singers she has crushes on, but to no avail.

She was the first person I told about my engagement to Fi, not that she didn't see it coming!

Melisa saw me agonizing over my decision about who to ask to be my MOH, she backed down gracefully and said she just wanted to be there for me, no matter what the role. Well shucks.

The best thing to date is an email I received from her shortly after I asked her to be my bridesmaid. I was a list of her "Bridesmaid Pledge" to me. Here is a sampling:

I will not accuse you of “bogarting” the free champagne during said bridal dress expeditions.

I will be organized even when you are not.

I will make sure one of your brothers ensures your father’s fly is zipped; and vice versa.

I will find a tasteful and easily hideable flask for wedding-day/morning emergencies.

Okay, see why she rocks?! I am so happy she'll be there with me that day, and even more happy that she's been my friend for 7 years! We've had some bumps, but we always make it. She is my best friend who introduced me to my life partner. That is awesome.

(no pictures, sorry, but you know, the computer is dead)

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